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What you will need

Maths 1

To start with Complete the next test in your CPG mental workout book.

Fitness tables

Make a set of 1-9 cards and extra cards for 2, 5 and 10, kept separately

Pick a card from each group, say 10 and 6. This is your multiplication question

Do 10 star jumps and 6 hops (or whatever numbers are on the cards)

Calculate and write down the number sentence for your multiplication question (e.g. 10 x 6 = 60)

Try again using new cards, and different exercises. Continue repeating the maths and physical activities for 20 minutes.


Try different times tables, by adding a 3 and 4 to the pile with 2,5 and 10.



CPG mental workout book.



1-9 number cards

English 1

1. Story time

Read and enjoy the story, Wild Pets.

2. Answering Questions

Look at the set of Wild Pet Questions.

  • Carefully read each question.
  • Write your answers neatly in the spaces provided.

3. Writing time

You are going to write a story about a pet and what it gets up to at night time. Today you will plan your story.

  • Use the Story planner to write your ideas in each section.
  • If you get stuck or not sure what to do, look at the Example Planner.

Now try this Fun-Time Extra

  • Look at Night. How many other words spelt -ight can you collect?
  • Write sentences containing your words. I got a really big fright.
  • Can you get more than one of your words into the same sentence? I got a fright at night when I put on the light. What a sight! There was a bright green frog having a fight with a beetle all slender and slight.

See resources – Wild Pets




See resources – English Day 1 for all the documents needed. 



Reading 1

If you belong to an Essex library you can use Borrowbox to choose books to read for free. Here is the link…


Topic  1–


Music time –

In this lesson you will look at how imitation can be used to create effect in music and songs. Imitation simply means copying.


Follow the video in the link and pause the video when asked.



Maths 2

To start with go on to times table rockstars and complete a few sessions with your given tables. (Don’t forget to ask for more tables if you feel it is becoming too easy)

Practise some subtracting digit numbers. Beware of the red subtractions!! J

75-12=                43-38=

67-23=                 64-19=

49-11=                 92-29=

73-22=                74-26=

68-25=                 65-29=

Below you will find some guidance on what methods the children might use. The red subtracting will need to be completed with bar (tens) and dots (ones) as the children have not learnt to carry over a ten in the column method, see guidance on class page, please ask for more support if needed.

TT rockstars password – ask for this on class dojo if you have misplaced it.


English 2

1. Story time

Re-read the story, Wild Pets.

2. Using apostrophes to show possession

Find the following phrases in the story and carefully copy them down onto a piece of paper: Bella’s cat and Sunil’s dog.

  • Can you name the punctuation mark used in each one?
  • Can you say why it is there?
  • Together with a grown-up, read the information on Using an apostrophe to show possession.
  • Complete the exercises on Possessive Apostrophes.


3. Writing time

Today you are going to write out the wild pet story that you planned yesterday.

  • Begin by make your own Mini Story Book ready for writing in.
  • Continue by using your planner from yesterday and the instructions on Writing a story below.


Now try this Fun-Time Extra

  • Decorate your story and read it aloud to your family.


Resources – Wild Pets


See resources – English Day 2 for all the documents needed. 





Reading 2

Find something with writing, it could be a book, a comic, a magazine, a catalogue or even an advertising leaflet. Look through it to find and write down 5 words you can read and 5 words you can’t read. Ask someone to help you read the difficult words and find out what they mean.


Topic 2 –


Drawing time-

In this lesson you will be looking at shadows and tones.


Follow the video and don’t forget to pause the video when you are asked so you can get things ready and draw J