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Hello Ladybird Class!



What you will need

Maths 1

Complete the next page of your Maths mental work out book.

Now lets practise our counting in 2's 5's and 10's. 

Count in 2's to 20 write them down. 

Count in 5's to 50 and write them down

Count in 10's to 100 and write them down.

Challenge can you count backwards in 2's 5's and 10's?

CGP mental workout maths book



English 1

1. Story time
Pick up a book and open it at any page. Look where the book’s two pages meet in the middle. This is called the book’s ‘gutter’.
o Go to  .
o Listen to the reading of This Book Just Ate My Dog, written by Richard Byrne, where very strange things indeed happen in the book’s gutter!


2. Play a race game
You are going to play the This Book Just Ate My Dog Race Game.
o With a grown up, read the Instructions.
o Play the game several times.


Race game instructions - in resources

race game board - see resources

Phonics 1

Complete a page from your phonics GCP book


Phonics book

Reading 1

Find a cosy place and have your very own OTTER time with a book you love.

A good book

Topic1  - Music

Music time –

In this lesson you will look at how imitation can be used to create effect in music and songs. Imitation simply means copying.


Follow the video in the link and pause the video when asked.


Maths 2

Lets practise your number bonds to 10 an 20 today.

play hit the button  

If you can not use a computer  write out the numbers to 10 or 20. Can you pair them to make numbers to make 10 or to make 20?

English 2

Story time
o Go back to  .
o Listen again to This Book Just Ate My Dog.
o Name all the vehicles that feature in the story.

2. Playing Pairs.
You are going to play a game of Vehicle and Transport Pairs.
o Look at the set of Vehicles and Transport Cards.
o If you don’t already know how to, read the Instructions for How to Play Pairs. Have a go!


Now try this Fun-Time Extra
• Look at the picture of the bookplate from This Book Just Ate My Dog.
• A bookplate shows who a book belongs to.
• Design your own bookplate to use in all your books: This____ Book Belongs To... What words could you use to describe your books – brilliant, amazing, cool, fantastic, ace, wicked, etc.
• Use Post-it notes if you don’t want to stick your bookplate down permanently.

Pairs instructions- see resources
Phonics 2Complete another page from your phonics book.CGP phonics book
Reading 2

If you belong to an Essex library you can use Borrowbox to choose books to read for free. Here is the link… 

If not read a book from bug club

Topic 2  Art

Drawing time-

In this lesson you will be looking at shadows and tones.


Follow the video and don’t forget to pause the video when you are asked so you can get things ready and draw J