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Today we are going to re-visit multiplying 3 numbers together.  If you can remember, we spoke about trying to find the 2 numbers which were easy to start with.  You don't have to multiply the numbers in the order of the sum.


For example:  6   x   3   x   5   can best be broken down so that 6  x  5 is calculated first, with the answer (30) then being multiplied by 3.


There is a powerpoint in Resources to go through which will give more information on this if required.  


Within the task, there are 2 challenges.  Please choose whichever one with which you feel most comfortable. The difference between the challenges is the times tables needed to calculate the answers.  Also try to remember the work we did when multiplying by 10 and 100.  We move the digits along our place value columns.  


So, 23 x 10 will be worked out like this:

                                                                             T           O    

                                                                                 2           3 


When we multiply by 10, remember that the digits move 1 place value column to the left, so the 2 will move to the hundreds column, the 3 to the tens column and a place holder will be added to the ones column making the answer 230.


                                                                    H           T           O    

                                                                    2            3           0


If there are any questions that cause you problems, do not worry, just try your best.