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Maths:   WALT find the relationship between the 2, 4 and 8 timestables

Today we are making sure we understand the relationship between the 2, 4 and 8 timestables.  How many eyes do we have?  What if there were 10 people in the house?  How many eyes are there?  Ensure that they count in 2’s 10 times.  They can draw 10 heads with 2 eyes in them and then count.  Do a few like this to ensure that they can count in 2’s.

Now we have aliens, these aliens have 4 eyes.  How many eyes are there on… aliens?  (Again they can draw the heads if they need).  Have they noticed anything about 2 x and 4x tables (Direct their attention to the fact that the 4x is double the 2). 

What if spiders come and visit?  They have 8 eyes each.  Some children might work out straight away that it is double the 4.  Again draw pictures to work out calculations.

You will find that children can generally double most numbers accurately and quickly.  So here is a theory they can try and prove right/wrong.

If 2 times a number is just double the number then 4 times the number would be double double.

Test to see if that is correct.

Ok then, if 4 times a number is double double the number, then if I say 8x you should then double, double, double.

Have fun testing out my theory.


Double 3 (6), double 6 (12), double 12 (24)  - Check if 8x3 = 24

If my theory works can they then multiply other numbers by 4 and 8?