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Before moving on to the column method for multiplication, we are going to just recap the expanded column method that we were working on just before the Christmas holidays.


If you can remember, we multiply the number on the bottom by each of the numbers on the top, remembering the place value columns they are in.  For example, if we are calculating 245 x 3, we would set it out like this:


                                                                        Th          H          T          O

                                                                                       2          4          5

                                                                  x                                           3


                                                                                                   1          5               (3 x 5)

                                                                                       1          2          0               (3 x 40)

                                                                                       6          0          0               (3 x 200)


                                                                                       7          3          5


Using this method, please try the sums in the Resources.  Challenge 1 has differentiated sums inside, with some of them having the broken down sums that are required to help.  There are also answers at the bottom, as there are on Challenge 2, which has larger numbers to multiply.  


Just try your best and do the sums with which you are comfortable.