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WALT relationships between calculations.  

Today we are going to see if we can find calculations that are related.  Start today by looking at how our number bonds to 10 can also help us find number bonds to 100.  (There is a relationship)

1+9=10         1 +99=100    3+7=10   23+17=40 

There are relationships between the numbers and you can recognise if one number is 10 more than the other. 

How would this work if we were looking at solving multiplication problems? 

3x4=12          3x?=120    (120 is 10 times bigger than 12 so the missing number has to be 10x bigger than the original calculations (3x40=120)   Have some fun making some calculations for your children using the relationship between ‘simple’ multiplication calculations to a more difficult ones.

6x3=18                 6x30=

5x4=20                 ?x4=200