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WALT: use multiplication to answer word problems.


Today, we will be looking to take the knowledge we have gained over the last couple of days of multiplication and apply it into real-life situations in worded questions.


People often panic with word questions as numbers and words together often appear confusing however there is nothing to panic about.  We just need to identify the key words and ideas in the question to determine which operation (add, subtract, times or divide) is needed to answer the question.  Sometimes more than one operation is required, or an operation is needed to be completed more than once so it is VERY IMPORTANT to read the question properly and more than once.


Below is an example of a question and how it can be answered.


Grandpa went on a golfing holiday. Before he went, he bought 4 packets of golf balls. Each packet had 12 golf balls. How many did he buy? ______________


If we look at the packets of golf balls Grandpa bought, we can see them below.  We are able to count the golf balls if we wanted to however instead of counting them, we could take the number of packets (4) and times them by the number of balls in each of the packets(12).  So our sum would be 12 x 4, which equals 48.  If we count the number of balls in the picture, do we see 48?


If you want to do problems that are similar to this one, select the Challenge 1 file.  Please also write the sum as well as your answer.


Challenge 2 has multi-step problems, in which you need to do more than 1 sum in order to find your answer.  It is challenging but many of you are more than capable of understanding it.  


If you start on one challenge but want to change up or down, please do so.