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WALT: divide 2-digits by 1-digit using the bus stop method


We have been working on multiplication for the last week, so we end this week moving on to division.  Can you remember the same word that completes both of these sentences?

Subtraction is the ____________ of addition.

Division is the ___________ of multiplication.


Division is the sharing of an amount so, for example, if we had 72 bars of chocolate and you wanted to share them equally between 4 friends, then you create the sum 72 ÷ 4.  When you have divided in previous years, you would have drawn 4 circles and then drawn 72 dots inside them however the number of dots is very large so we have to find a different way to solve that sum.


To do this, we will use the bus stop method.  If you remember, this is the method where the smaller number stands outside the bus stop getting wet as he looks inside where the bigger number is waiting.


As the method is new, and it is hard to explain just by writing it down, I have put a video up to show how to use the method which you can stop and play back if you need to.  The link is: