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18.1.21 WALT : Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator


Today you will be completing your lesson on Oak National Academy.

Watch the video and the teacher will guide you through all the activities:

Fractions: Adding fractions with the same denominator (

There is a quiz to start, questions to answer during the lesson (these are available as a worksheet in resources, but you do not have to print it) then a quiz to finish.


The teacher will take you through all the activities in the lesson, the worksheet is available online or as a download below.

Extra challenge: Then, if you have time (you should be spending 1 hour on your maths) have a go at the adding and subtracting challenges in the resources. Remember when we subtract fractions, we follow the same rule as we do for adding (keep the denominator the same, subtract the numerators)

Assess: The teacher will give the answers as you go so you can mark your own work. The quizzes are marked automatically and you can view your results.

The extra challenge has answers at the end so you can mark your own.