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26.2.21: WALT: multiply 2 digits by 3 digits


Do 10 minutes practise on TTRS.



Be aware that in this video he puts the digit he is carrying into the next column above and he does not cross out as he goes. Please remember to cross out carried digits as soon as you have added them on. But if you struggled with putting the carried digit in the box on the left you could try putting it above as he shows you here.  If what I showed you yesterday worked for you then stick with it! 

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Multiplication Pt 2 - YouTube


Try  :

Challenge 1 – 3 digits x 2 digits with place holder added for you.

Challenge 2 – 3 digits x 2 digits (don’t forget your place holder).

Challenge 3 – 4 digits x 2 digits (don’t forget the place holder).


Assess: Challenge 1 and 2 answers are at the end of challenge 2 sheet. Challenge 3 answers at the end of challenge 3 sheet. Mark your own.