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WAL: how to find the perimeter of different areas.


Our new topic for the last couple of weeks of this half-term is length, perimeter and area.  Normally, we would start with length however as some of you may not have a ruler at home, we will move onto that after some work on perimeter.


Today's work maybe revision for some of you and requires no writing at all; in fact after watching a video explaining what perimeter is, you can move away from your screen as your task will be to walk around different areas to calculate what their perimeter is.  


Watch the video,, up to 5 minutes 15 seconds; once you have watched this, the practical part of the lesson is to walk around the outside of 5 areas.  These might include your bed, the kitchen, your garden, anywhere you can count the number of steps you take.  Remember what the video says, that although you can have a perimeter of a curved shape, we are looking at straight lines to begin with.  


Once you have walked around the areas, I would like you to draw the shape of each area and label it with the number of steps each side took to walk.  


As an extension, if 1 metre is 2 steps, what is the perimeter in metres?  


As a super challenge, if each step is 40 centimetres, what is the perimeter in:

     a)  centimetres

     b)  metres