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WALT: calculate missing lengths in a polygon - - THIS WILL BE THIS WEEK'S ZOOM LESSON


Today we will be looking at calculating missing lengths in polygons.  In order to do this, it will be important to use several methods and concepts that we have learned over the last few weeks.


This week, you have learned what a polygon is and also what perimeter means.  In order to find missing lengths, you will need to use your times tables as well as possibly using the inverse method we have been discussing.  


Most of the time, you will be given the lengths of some of the sides and the total perimeter.  It could be a little confusing if I were to write different explanations online so this lesson will be this week's zoom lesson and will take place during our zoom call at 9.30am.  I will also add a video of the methods for you to watch and pause if you need extra help.


If you are comfortable working missing lengths out, there are challenges in Resources as well as perimeter work set on mymaths.