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WALT – Draw a bar chart


This week we have already presented our data (information) as a pictogram.


Another way to present our data is in the form of a column chart (or bar chart). 


Have a look at the web link below, (Constructing bar charts) here you will learn how to draw a bar chart accurately using your data.  


When you draw a bar chart you will need two axis.  (X and Y)  Remember the X axis is the one at the bottom (horizontal) and the y is the one that is vertical. 




You need to label your axis (Y: Number of times each vowel was used) and you add numbers in intervals or steps. These need to be even (go up in even steps of 2,4, 5, 6 – you can choose). 



  Have a look at my example in the resources area


Now your turn to try, using the data you collected on Monday, present it in the form of a bar graph.


Remember to label your axis and give your chart a title.  


When you have drawn your chart complete the worksheet found in resources. 


Choose your challenge (don't always do the easy one!)