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Collect and present data.

This week you have collected data and learned how to present it either in the form of a pictogram or a bar chart.


Before you start today's lesson, please watch the video on the web link below.  

Today you are going to think of your own question that you would like to collect the data for and present. 


This could be anything from:

How many different types of animals are at Colchester zoo? 

How many different coloured vehicles drive past your house in a day?

How many goals have the top 10 teams scored in the Premier league?


You need to break down the information you want to collect into groups for example: winged animals, carnivores, herbivores etc.


Or for colours of vehicles - red, blue, silver, clack etc. 


or the different teams in the football Premiership


This is your project so you need to think of your own question.


You may have to use the internet to collect your data

Once you have collected your information complete a tally chart.  (Use the template below to help you set out your data)


After you have completed the tally chart you need to construct your bar chart or pictogram. You can choose either a bar chart, or pictogram or both!




Once you have presented your data, think of 3 questions you would like to ask about the information on your pictogram or bar chart.

  • How many carnivorous animals live at Colchester zoo?
  • How many red and black cars drove past my house altogether
  • What is the difference between the number of goals scored by Manchester United and West Ham United?



Tally chart template


Web link