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Investigate right angles. 



I thought today we would have a little bit of fun.  I wanted to do a little investigation. 

In order to complete this investigation you will need lolly sticks or headless matches or tooth picks. 




How can you place two sticks to make just one right angle?

Now make just two right angles using the two sticks.

Can you make three right angles? Four right angles?

Hint:  It might help just to move the sticks around over each other to get some ideas.

EXT:  How many right angles can you make using more sticks?

I will post the solution at the end of the day on class Dojo.  I look forward to seeing your solutions and ideas.  Remember you will need to show me with pictures (you can draw them in your books with a sentence explaining what you did).


When you have completed the investigation you can try the challenge in the resources below.