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Tuesday 9th February 2021


Complete the quick maths starter.


  • Please work on Paper and show all your working out.
  • Time yourself to see quickly and accurately you can get an answer.
  • Mark your work by opening up the document below



Remember, your maths lesson should only last 1 hour,   

unless you want to do more.  


Please write the date and WALT at the top of your page. 




WALT find the area of triangles ( right angled triangles) 

Yesterday, we were counting squares to work out the area of triangles.

Today we are going to start thinking about other ways we can work out the area of a triangle.

last week, when we were working on the area of rectangles, we used the formula 

length x width = area or L x W = A


If you know how to calculate the area of a rectangle, you can find the area of a triangle with no problems! 


The area of a triangle is always half the area of a rectangle that has the same height and width. 


This is because a triangle can always fit into a rectangle twice, no matter the shape of the triangle. 


This video helpfully sums this up. Give it a watch. 


So the formula we could use to find the area of a triangle is: 


(base x height) ÷ 2 


You can also write the formula as: 


½ x base x height 


They both give you the exact same answer since multiplying by a half is the same as dividing by 2.

  • Today i would like everyone to watch the video and follow the instructions and activities. The video will take you through the activities step by step. 


  • Pause the video so you can give yourself enough time to work out each question.


  • You will need to worksheet with you when you watch the video because you will answer some of the questions as you go.


Remember perpendicular is when lines meet at a right angle. 



  • Complete all questions from 1- 7

Spr6.8.4 - Area of a triangle (2).mp4

Still image for this video