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WALA: volume and capacity and how to read scales.


We have been learning about different measurements over the last couple of weeks as well as moving toward using scales in order to measure ingredients from recipes.  


Today, you will watch a video which explains what volume and capacity are, and their differences, as well as how to read measuring equipment by working out how much each line is worth.


It is a long video (29 minutes) although it is a whole lesson and can be stopped if required however there are tasks, activities and questions that can be completed.  When comparing the capacity of different sized vessels, there is also the opportunity for you to do the same which would allow you to see the difference for yourselves.


This is a new concept and one which we will also go through when we are back at school.  If you do not understand it completely, please do not worry, there is a lot of time for us to go through it.  Just try your best and do what you can do.


You do not need to print off anything, nor produce any work as it is watching the video and practical tasks although it would be great to see any pictures of you measuring and comparing capacity.


The video link is: