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Good Morning Hedgehogs!

Hope you all had a nice weekend with a well-deserved break from the home schooling! Are you ready to start again? (The answer is an enthused ‘yes’ and ‘we got this!!!’ You are all doing brilliantly) 

Mrs Walden and I were very impressed with the work you completed last week, thank you for putting it on your ClassDojo profiles so that we could see it.

Monday 11th January 2021



What you will need


1. Warm up your maths brains by completed one of the new MyMaths activities I have added to your account.


2. We are going to do a quick recap of last week’s multiplication work, thinking about all of the different ways we can represent multiplication. I would like you to follow the video on White Rose home learning, it asks you to pause the video and complete questions a different times so you will need your pencil and book ready along with the worksheet for today. J

MyMaths username and password – I have sent you a copy of the letter with the children's passwords to your private message on class dojo.

Video link – (There are a few videos on this link but you need the last one which is named Multiplication sentences from pictures)

Worksheet to be found under the resources section below.


Today’s English is based on your spellings, Mrs Walden will be asking you to show her some of the spellings you find on Thursday’s zoom call so make you  gather some ready.

1. Look at the new spelling rule for the week - words with the ‘j’ sound spelt j, g, ge and dge, for example -  jar, join, huge, age, bridge, badge, giant, giraffe.

2.  Have look at the segment cards. Then try the practise, in the practise / test section. Remember, you can have the sentences read by the computer to help you.

3. Just like we do at school, look out for these ‘j’ sounding words in everything you do this week. Are there any in your reading books?

You could challenge yourself and write as many as you can on Friday.

4. Look at the handwriting sheet in the resources. How many of the words can you write in neat, joined handwriting?

Use this link for steps 1 and 2


Handwriting sheet (no need to print it) – found in the resources section below.


We would like you to find a non-fiction book on Bug Club and tell us on class dojo an interesting fact that you have found out from it. (Remind your adults of what a non-fiction book is, can you remember?)

Bug Club username and password- if you need this please message me on class dojo.

Topic - Science

Last week we thought about how we knew it was winter and what you need to wear when you go out into the cold. Nature gives us lots of signs of each season and today you are going to put on your warm clothes and go outside to look for signs of winter.

1. Have a look at the Winter Scavenger Hunt. You may like to take this outside with you, it is up to you.

What can you see that tells you it is winter? You may like to take a camera to take some photos, but that is up to your grown up.

What can you hear? What can you feel?

2. When you get back inside you can draw pictures of what you found outside that shows you it’s winter.

3. Can you write some sentences to describe 3 things that you found?

All the signs of winter you found are called ‘evidence’. This is something scientists collect when they are investigating and exploring. Today you have been a Scientist too J.

The winter Scavenger Hunt - found in the resources section below.

Tasks as a word document