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Good Morning Ladybird Class!

Welcome back! I hope you had a well-deserved rest from home schooling and managed to fit in lots of fun things last week. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Hope you are ready to start again after your recharge. I look forward to seeing your work once again on class dojo.

Monday 22nd February 2021



What you will need


WALT count to 50 by making tens

  1. Join in with a counting song to warm up your brain.
  2. Watch the white rose video

          You will need the first video.


   3. Now get your own objects and practise making 5 groups of ten. You can use anything from pencils, straws, spaghetti, pasta, raisins etc Take a picture and show me on Class Dojo.


Video links

White rose


small objects to group in tens


WALT form letters correctly

1.Warm up your hands by copying the movements in this video link

2.Today we will be writing the letter s. Watch the link and copy the actions

in the air and then when you are ready write a line of s’s. Can you keep them on the line?

3.Capital letter s is the same shape but larger. Write a line making a pattern

of capital then lower case s Ss Ss Ss

4.Now try to write these words. Really concentrate on getting the letter s

correct but don’t forget how other letters are formed.







5.Write this sentence as a challenge

She sells sea shells on the sea shore.

Handwriting sheet- found in resources below.



WALT read phase 3/5 graphemes

Watch the video to practise the sounds we have learn while you have been in Ladybird class.


Now play the clock game  using oo ew oi oy  igh ie ee ea ai ay  or aw written on pieces of paper.

Spread them out in the shape of a clock.( see picture below)

Get an adult to say a sound and point to the 2 graphemes that make that sound. Can you say a word that uses the graphemes?







This week’s story is all about winter and snow. We have seen a lot of snow already this winter. See how this story ends.


Topic - Science

WALA our sense of hearing

1. We are starting a new block of work in science, finding out about our senses.

The first sense we will find out about is hearing. Do you know what part of our body we hear with? Can you point to it?

2. Watch this clip on Espresso


Try to watch both parts.

3. Now, if possible, go outside for a walk or into your garden. What can you hear? There is a sheet you can write on in the resources section if you would like to use it. Try to sort the sounds into loud and quiet when you come back inside.

4. As an extension of your science skills I’d like you to try a science test.

Ask your parents for a wooden spoon and a metal pan. Ask your adult to bang the spoon in the pan while you are standing near it. Now take 5 steps backwards and ask them to bang the pan and spoon again. Keep taking 5 steps and repeat hitting the spoon on the pan. What do you notice about the sound, the further away you get? Does it get louder or quieter? Why do you think this might be?

Sound walk worksheet – found in the resources below.


Password for Espresso -

UN- student 35479,

PW- maylandsea



Tasks as word document

English resources

Phonics video

Still image for this video

Science resources