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Good Morning Butterfly Class!

I hope you all had a nice weekend with a well-deserved break from the home schooling once again. Ready to start the new week! J

I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of your super work this week. Thank you for sending it to me on Dojo last week.

You will notice that every lesson has a WALT (we are learning to) objective, the children are used to writing this at the top of their work when they are in school, it would be good practise for them to do this whilst they are at home too.

Monday 18th January 2021



What you will need


WALT- recap our times table knowledge.

1. Warm up your maths brains and bodies by counting in 2s whilst doing star jumps then jumping as high as you can counting in 5s and then if you have stairs (if not take big long steps around the room), count in 10s every time you take a step. 


2. We are going to do a quick recap of last week’s multiplication work, thinking about our 5 and 10 times tables mainly. I would like you to follow 2 videos today, on the link you will need to find the one named 5 times tables and then the one named 10 times tables. (There is also one named the 2 times tables, if you think it is worth a watch please do but I feel the other videos will aid the work well enough).

3. I have created a few worksheets (the expectation is that you only choose one to complete and remember it is not essential for you to print it off).

C1 – Focuses on the 10 times table questions

C2 – Focuses on 5 times table questions

C3 – Has a mixture of questions for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Video link – (There are a few videos on this link but you need the last 2 named 5 times tables and 10 times tables)


Worksheets to be found under the resources section on original Monday page.


WALT – spell words where ‘a’ makes the ‘or’ sound.

  1. Our spelling rule this week can be seen in today’s WALT.

Have a look at the Segment Cards, using this link


  1. When you have read the words, try doing the ‘Practise’, using the ‘Practise / Test’ link. Remember you can have the sentences read out loud to you.
  2. Then watch the video, which shows Mrs LM showing you some handwriting. This can be found on the school website, under children, then videos (in the Year 2 playlist).
  3. Now try doing your own handwriting, using the words that Mrs LM has shown you and also including ‘always’ and ‘also’. You can do this straight into a book or on a piece of paper or you can print the handwriting lines if you wish to.
  4. As an extra challenge, choose 2 spelling words to put into a sentence. 

Handwriting lines (if needed) – found in the resources section below.


Video – found in the Year 2 playlist on the school website.


Try this

A comfy space to watch and listen.

Topic - Science

WALT recognise difference between the 4 seasons

  1. Last week we found evidence to show us we are in winter. How well do you know the other seasons? Try these links on Espresso and see if you can work out what evidence scientists could find to show which season we are in.



  1. Now look at the window frame document. You may like to print it or draw your own window.
  2. Then click on the image link on Espresso.
  3. module/photo_gallery/item1162643/grade1/module1162014/index.html
  4. Choose your favourite season. Imagine you were looking out your window in your favourite season. Draw what you can see. Then add sentences to explain how your picture shows the season you have chosen. 

Espresso UN and password

username: student35479 password: maylandsea


Window frame document – this can be found in the resources below.

English resources

Science resource