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Early Morning Activity


Practice writing your first name (and surname for a challenge) using different coloured pencils. You could start by writing your name in pencil and then go over the letters with different coloured pencils or pens. Your name should be written in beautiful rainbow colours. Remember to form your letters correctly. Use the letter formation rhymes to help you (sheet below).

Good Morning Bumblebees!


I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend. 

I was very impressed with the work you completed last week, thank you for sending your pictures along via the ClassDojo messaging. I can't wait to see your work this week. 


Monday 18th January 2021



What you will need


Last week we explored the term ‘one more’, where you identified what one more than a given number was (1-5, 1-10 or 1-20).  Today we are going to learn what one less means. To get your maths brains working I would like you to sing ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’. Did you notice that every time one frog jumped off the log, the number was one less? Did you also see the subtraction sum to match? This symbol (-) means we are taking an amount away.


Your activity for today – I would like you to find 5 (10 for a challenge) bottles and put them in a line. Sing the song ’10 green bottles’ (or 5 green bottles if you are using 5). When ‘one accidentally falls’ how many do you have left?  Can you see that there is one less bottle each time? Challenge yourself by writing the corresponding subtraction sum. For example 5-1=4 , 4-1=3. Use the number rhyme video to help if you are struggling with number formation.

Link to ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’-


Writing Numbers Rhyme-



Bottle (5 or 10) 





Phonics/ English

As a fun starter I would like you to discuss which emotions are being displayed on the sheet attached below (please discuss the emotions with an adult). How are you feeling today?


Now click on the following link-  and watch the teacher telling the story of the 'Three Little Pigs". Please pause the video and complete the activities that she asks you to do. 



Emotion cards (saved below) 


Pencil and paper 




Read a book on Bug Club, Oxford Owl or a book that you have at home.

Oxford owl have free ebooks on their website-




Bug Club username and password- if you need your log in details or are struggling to log in please message me on ClassDojo. 


This week we are traveling to....... Australia!! 

To learn what Australia is like I would like an adult to read the words on the PP slides. The work we are going to do today relates to slide 4 so you could always stop here and then read today's activity. If you are enjoying learning about Australia you could continue looking at the other slides. 


For your topic activity today I would like you to click on the following link and explore the different types of sea creatures that live in the Great Barrier Reef.  .Which sea creature was your favourite? I would like you and a sibling/ adult to draw your favourite sea creature. Please draw your sea creature so your partner can't see it as you are going to ask each other questions to find out which sea creature you have both drawn. Type of questions you could ask- Does your sea creature have fins? Does your sea creature have a shell?



Australia PP (saved below) 


Pencil, paper and colouring pencils.

Monday 18th Jan 2021

Topic resources

English resources