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Early Morning Activity


Our new topic this half term is....... 'Once Upon a Time'. To get our brains working I would like you to use the pictures on the story stones to help you verbally tell a short story. You could continue my example or come up with your own (I would like you to start your story with 'Once upon a time'). 


Once upon a time there lived a magnificent magical wizard named Monty. One day Monty had a phone call from his friend Lilly the unicorn. Lilly was scared as she had heard that a storm was on its way..............


Good Morning Bumblebees!


I hope you all had a brilliant half term and you are now feeling rested and ready for some more fun home learning. 

I was very impressed with the work you completed last half term, thank you for sending your pictures along via the ClassDojo messaging or uploading them to the Portfolio. I can't wait to see your work over the coming weeks. 


Monday 22nd February 2021



What you will need


Warm up your maths brain by either counting to 20-

 or 100- 


This week we are entering a new phase ''Growing 6, 7, 8". I would like you to begin by watching the following video of the story 'Six Dinner Sid'- . As you listen to the story I would like you to take note of how many times the number 6 is mentioned. You could draw a tally line like we did at school. 


Your activities for today – I would like you to draw/ make the houses on the street that Sid lives down. Can you order the houses from 1-6? What if you add another house? And another? How many do you have now? 


I would now like you to go on a hunt to find the number 6. For example you may find 6 eggs or 6 apples. How many different ways can you see 6? Can you find the numeral 6? Can you spot a group of 6 objects?


Paper and pen






Phonics/ English

As a fun starter I would like you to log into PhonicsPlay-  Username- jan21 password- home. Go to Resources > phase 2 > Flashcards Speed Trials. Choose your own race track, colour and design of your car. How many graphemes (letter or letters that represent a sound) did you know?


I would now like you to watch my phonics video below where we will be recapping the sounds we have already learnt (phase 2 and phase 3). We will also be charging up our robot arms to help us with reading.  



Ipad/laptop to access PhonicsPlay 



Pencil and paper 




Read a book on Bug Club. 



With an adult to help you, I would like you to use the internet to find pictures of your favourite fairytale characters. If you have a printer you could print some of these pictures out and make a mood board of your favourite characters. If you do not have a printer you could always draw your favourite characters to create a mood board. I would love to see a picture of your mood boards as it will give me some ideas on which 'Fairytales' we can explore this half term.




Monday 22nd February

Phonics Video

Still image for this video