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Early Morning Activity


I would like you to use the pictures on the story stones to help you verbally tell a short story. You could continue my example or come up with your own (I would like you to start your story with 'Once upon a time'). 


Once upon a time there lived a friendly king called Fredrick Frog II. Fredrick Frog secretly loved Felicity Fairy but he just didn't know how to tell her.  He need some help from his good friend Dexter Dragon......... 

Good Morning Bumblebees!


I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend. 

I was very impressed with the work you completed last week, thank you for sending your pictures along via the ClassDojo messaging or uploading them to the portfolio page. I can't wait to see your work from this week. 


Monday 1st March 2021



What you will need


I would like you to get your Maths brains working by practicing writing the numbers 0-10. Use the following rhymes to help you-  . Remember the number 10 is made up of a 1 and a 0. Did you form all of your numbers correctly? 


This week we are going to continue our work in the phase 'Growing 6, 7 , 8'. Today I would like you to watch 'Matching Pairs' -

6-7-8-week-2/ . Use some objects from around the house to represent the children in the video. Can you put them into pairs? Now complete the activity on the right hand side of the video (I have also saved the PDF below). 



Paper and pencil


Activity (saved as a PDF below) 






WALA rhyming words and using our imaginations

This week we will be hearing different Julia Donaldson books to help use celebrate World Book Day on Thursday.

1.Today I would like you to listen to ‘Room on the Broom’. Have you heard this story before? What can you remember? If you haven’t heard it before, look at the front cover. What do you think it will be about?

2. Now watch the story in the video below.


3. Now you have heard the story, did you notice anything special about it? It rhymes the whole way through. Can you remember any of the words Julia Donaldson used that rhymed with cat? Have a listen to the start of the story again if you need to.


4.) I would now like you to either print the 'Rhyming Pairs' sheet and cut the words out or write them down on separate pieces of paper. Can you match the words that rhyme? Try and read some of the words yourself, if this is too tricky an adult could read them to you. Remember to look at the ending of the word. 


5.) Extra challenge- Imagine the Witch found another animal. What would they be? What would they look like? I would like you to draw and label your animal. Remember to use your robot arms and the phase 2/3 sound mat to help you. 






Phase 2/3 sound mat


Rhyming Pairs sheet- attached below. 



Read a book on Bug Club, Oxford Owl or a book that you have at home. Can you tell an adult what happened in the story? 

Oxford owl have free ebooks on their website-




Bug Club username and password- if you need your log in details or are struggling to log in please message me on ClassDojo. 


Today I would like you to listen to the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. If you have this story at home, I would like an adult to read it to you. If you do not have this book then please do not worry, you can watch the following video-


/video/item688950/grade1/module688839/index.html?source=search-all-all-all-all&source-keywords=little%20red%20riding%20hood (Username- student35479  Password- maylandsea). 


I would like you to think of a way to get from your (Little Red Riding Hood) house to Grandma's house. You can act this out in a variety of ways including making a lego maze (example picture attached below) or use different resources in the garden to represent both your house and Grandma's house. How far apart are the houses? Are there any obstacles in your way, such as a forest? Is there a bridge you need to cross? Use your imaginations and have fun. If you do not like acting you could always create your own map. 



Monday 1st March 2021

Room on the Broom

Still image for this video