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Good Morning Ladybird class!

Hope you all had a nice weekend with a well-deserved break from the home schooling! Are you ready to start again?

It was really good to see your work last week. Keeping sending in photos and videos on your portfolio page of Dojo. Remember I give out Dojo points when you do your work!

Monday 11th January 2021



What you will need


Do you remember we were learning about tens and ones on Friday? We are going to be doing some more work about this today.

First let’s get our bodies and brains awake by joining in with this song counting back from 20


Now you are warmed up watch the video about tens and ones. Remember to pause it when it tells you too. You can print out the question sheet in the resources or just look at the questions and write your answers on a piece of paper.


It might help to have a number line/ track to twenty.

You can print one out from the resources below or get an adult to write out the numbers to 20.

Warm up song

Maths video link.

 It is the 4th video on the page (We did the first 3 last week)



pencil/ paper or

worksheet found underneath in resources.


number line to 20 in resources or make your own



We are going to practise writing our “robot arm” letters today. They are the letters r, n, m, h, b, p and k.

Remember to start at the top. Look at the video for each letter and then practise writing the letter in the air and on a piece of paper ( lined if possible)

When you are ready have a go a writing these words.

Repeat each word across the line. Can you keep the letters the right size? Remember take your time and concentrate.







Remember to make sure the b, h, and k are tall and that the letter p’s stick part goes beneath the line.

Formation videos







Phonics Join in with today’s Phonics lesson. The focus today will be ir as in bird.

Website link.



I would like you to find a non-fiction book on Bug Club and tell me on class dojo an interesting fact that you have found out from it. (Non- fiction means fact/ information/ instruction book. It will not be a story)

Bug Club username and password- if you need this please message me on class dojo.

Topic - Science

Last week we thought about how we knew it was winter and what you need to wear when you go out into the cold. Nature gives us lots of signs of each season and today you are going to put on your warm clothes and go outside to look for signs of winter.

1. Have a look at the Winter Scavenger Hunt. You may like to take this outside with you, it is up to you.

What can you see that tells you it is winter? You may like to take a camera to take some photos, but that is up to your grown up.

What can you hear? What can you feel?

2. When you get back inside you can draw pictures of what you found outside that shows you it’s winter.

3. Can you write some sentences to describe 3 things that you found?

All the signs of winter you found are called ‘evidence’. This is something scientists collect when they are investigating and exploring. Today you have been a Scientist too J.

The winter Scavenger Hunt - found in the resources section below.

Monday's activities as word document

English resources