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Good Morning Ladybird Class!

It’s the last week of home learning, and this week is World Book week…. Double whoop! J

One more week of learning at home and then you can join your friends again learning alongside them back in school. Make sure to keep sending me your work on class dojo!

Monday 1st March 2021



What you will need


WALT recognise tens and ones

We have looked at tens and ones in numbers up to 20. Now we will look at larger numbers. 2 tens and 5 ones make 25. Today we will be making/drawing numbers to 50 to show the tens and ones. Remember in a 2 digit number the first number shows how many tens and the second digit shows the ones.

41 is 4 tens and 1 one and    14 is 1 ten and 4 ones.

Watch the video below.

Now complete a make and count sheet. There are 3 levels to choose from.




Worksheet In resources below


WALA rhyming words and using our imaginations

This week we will be hearing different Julia Donaldson books to help use celebrate World Book Day on Thursday.

1.Today I would like you to listen to ‘Room on the Broom’, read by Mrs LM. Have you heard this story before? What can you remember? If you haven’t heard it before, look at the front cover.


What do you think it will be about?

2. Now watch the story in the video below.       

3. Now you have heard the story, did you notice anything special about it? It rhymes the whole way through. Can you remember any of the words Julia Donaldson used that rhymed with cat? Have a listen to the start of the story again if you need to.

4. Imagine the Witch found another animal. What would they be? What would they look like?

Fill in or write out the Room on the Broom sheet, creating your own animal to ride on the broom. Draw and label your animal when you’ve filled in your ideas please. 😊   

Video of Room on a broom  – Found below
















Room on a broom worksheet – found in the resources below


WALA long o as in open

Today ew are looking at the letter o and how in some words we pronounce the letter differently. The letter o can make a short sound as in dog or a long sound as in sofa.

Watch the video link in resources and then complete the worksheet below sorting words into long and short o words. You do not need to print the work sheet out.

video link


Worksheet found below in resources


1. For World book day, try this

it shows you how to make a theatre and tell you the story of What the Ladybird Heard, it is one of the book you can get with your £1 voucher.


Topic - Science

WALA classrooms of the past

1. Next week is National Science Week. We are going to explore how science helps us and how inventions have helped to change our classrooms. Back in school next week we will be designing our own classroom for the future but first have a look at the ‘Innovating for the Future’ poster to give you some more ideas about what your science lessons will include in the next 2 weeks.


2. Now have a look at this link. This explains what a classroom would have looked like 100 years ago.


3. Finally, open the ‘Classrooms of the Past’ document. Talk with somebody in your family about what their classroom was like when they were in school. You may even be able to phone a grandparent and ask them. Try to remember some of these ideas. When you are back in school next week, we are going to design a classroom of the future, using your ideas to help us

Document ‘Innovating  for the future’ – found in the resources section below.











Classrooms of the past document- found in the resources section below.


Monday's activities as word document

Maths video

Still image for this video

Room on the broom

Still image for this video

Phonics resources