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Tuesday 2nd March - PSHE

WALA: Dreams and goals of children from other cultures


Today we are going to look at the aspirations of children from other cultures and nations. As you will see when you read the presentation many children are not as fortunate as we are in England, but these children still have rights (such as access to an education and clean water) and have ambitions for the future. When you look through the presentation, we would like you to put yourself in their ‘shoes’ and empathise. That means to think what it would be like for the children in their position. Go through the presentation/video, which can be found in the resources and complete any activities.


Challenge 1

Can you storyboard a typical day for you and for Evangeline in rural Kenya. This will help you understand the differences in children’s lives around the world. Use the storyboard in the resources.


Challenge 2

Choose a photo or two from the presentation and imagine what a child’s dreams and aspirations may be. What could help them achieve their dreams, but what would make it difficult?


For example, the child picking through rubbish may want to be a footballer, but their health would suffer from being in a rubbish tip. Being given an education instead would help their future. 

Lesson Resources