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Good Morning ladybird Class!

A new day and new lessons, keep going you are all doing amazingly!

Don’t forget Zoom call today at 9.30

Thursday 11th February 2021



What you will need

Zoom call

9.30 – Codes will be on Class Dojo J

Today I will be going over some of your English work.  

Zoom codes – found on our class story of Class Dojo


Something to write with


Warm up with Jack Hartman

Can you write all the numbers to 50?

Try using a different colour for when you start a new 10 so 1-9 in one colour 10-19 in another etc

Practise counting forwards and backwards starting at different numbers. Make up your own actions as you count and move counting forwards and backwards. You can video yourself so I can see your great counting on Class dojo.

Jack Hartman Link


WALT use find rhymes and understand what a nonsense poem is.

1. Today we are going to do some rhyming activities on Zoom to help you with today’s work. If you are unable to attend today’s zoom, please make sure you read the poem, ‘On the Ning Nang Nong.’

2. After today’s zoom you are going to be illustrators (people that draw pictures to go with books and poems). Open the copy of ‘On the Ning, Nang, Nong’ read it again and draw pictures to match the poem. What can you see in your imagination? Send you pictures to us on class dojo when you have finished please.

‘On the Ning Nang Nong’- copy found in the resources below.


WALT read and write split digraph u-e words

Watch the video to practise reading the split vowel digraph u-e

Now compete the worksheet below to spell words using the split digraph u-e

Video below

Worksheet below


Find a favourite story book, draw a picture of a character in your book and write down all the words the author used to describe them.

Your favourite book

Topic - PE

Walt: have fun and be healthy with Mrs Jowitt.

Join in with all the exercises.

1. First follow her warm up on the link below.   - Warm Up

2. Then repeat the first steps she taught a few weeks ago.  - Dance steps to learn.


3. Finally have a go following Mrs Jowitt on the line dance. Can you follow all of her steps?






Video with new dance to follow – found below the resources section.


Tasks as word document

Phonics video

Still image for this video

Phonics resources

Line Dance video

Still image for this video