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Early Morning Activity


Write the following phase 3 tricky words on separate pieces of paper- he, she, we, me, be. If you are unsure of the phase 2 tricky words then you could include these too- no, go, to, into, I. Place them near to each other on the floor. Throw a ball (or an object that you are allowed to throw) at one of the words. Turn it over and read the word. Did you know them all? 

Good Morning Bumblebees!


You are nearly there Bumblebees, you can do this. 


Thursday 25th February 2021



What you will need



As a fun starter I would like you to complete page 8  'Ordering Number' of your Maths workbook. 


I would now like you to watch session 4- 'Matching 6, 7 , 8'-

and then complete the activity on the right hand side of the video (I have also saved the activity as a PDF below). We have played a similar game at school so you should be really good at this game. I hope you have lots of fun. 



Maths workbook- You can still get these from the school office. 


Activity sheet saved below


As a fun starter,I would like you to watch and join in with the songs for the graphemes- j, v, w, x, y, z, qu, ch, sh- . 


I would now like you to watch my phonics video where we will continue to recap the sounds we have already learnt before learning the new sound 'th'. 




paper and pen


Read a book on Bug Club, Oxford Owl or a book that you have at home. 

Oxford owl link to free ebooks-




Bug Club- Please message me if you are having trouble logging in. 


Just like in the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' I would like you to make some of your own yummy porridge. Follow the instructions on the sheet attached below (Porridge). You may have your own porridge recipe that you would prefer to use. 


Once you have made your porridge I would like you to create your own instructions in picture form, using the template below (My Porridge Instructions). I would like you to draw pictures of how you made your porridge. I would like you to draw the pictures in the correct order so somebody could follow your picture instructions to make their own yummy porridge. If you would like an extra challenge I would like you to label your pictures. 


Porridge instruction sheet (saved below)


My Porridge Instructions sheet (saved below)




paper and pencil 

Thursday 25th Feb 2021


Still image for this video