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Early Morning Activity


How many objects can you find in your house that start with 'w'.

Good Morning Bumblebees!


You are nearly there Bumblebees, you can do this. 


Thursday 21st January 2021



What you will need



I would like you to go on a shape hunt around your house and garden, or you could even go on a shape hunt walk. Try and look out for rectangles and squares. Remember a square is a special type of rectangle.


I would now like you to make your own shape picture. You can use the shapes on the sheet below to help you. While you are making your shape picture I would like you to count how many sides the shapes have. Do you remember that we learnt that a circle has one curved side?


If you would like to challenge yourself further, answer the questions on the document saved as 'Extra Questions 21st Jan'. 


Shapes for your shape picture. A sheet with shapes is saved below. 


Scissors to cut out your shapes.


Glue to make your shape picture. 


A pencil to add detail to your shape picture if you would like. 


Extra questions sheet (saved below). 


As a fun starter, join in with the following song- . 


Watch my phonics video at the bottom of this page where we will be learning a new sound 'x'. 

paper and pen


Read a book on Bug Club, Oxford Owl or a book that you have at home. 

Oxford owl link to free ebooks-




Bug Club- Please message me if you are having trouble logging in. 


Using your knowledge about Australia from Monday's PP and using the following link-

landmarks.html (Username- student35479  Password- maylandsea) I would like you to complete the worksheet labeled 'Australia'. You do not need to print this, you can do the activity on paper that you have at home. 

colouring pencils


Worksheet called 'Australia'.


paper and pencil 

Thursday 21st Jan Phonics video

Still image for this video

Thursday 21st Jan 2021

Topic resources