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Good Morning Ladybird Class!

It’s World Book Day!

Don’t forget Zoom call today at 9.30

Thursday 4th March 2021



What you will need

Zoom call

9.30 – Codes will be on Class Dojo J

Our last Zoom !!!

Today I will be talking about the Great Wall of China today, it can be the start of your topic lesson J

Also as it is World Book Day today, why not bring along your favourite book to show your friends.  

Zoom codes – found on our class story of Class Dojo


Something to write with

Your Favourite Book


WALT find One more one less

Today we are going to be find one more and one less than numbers to 50. It is really important to think about the language used and make sure we are answering the question correctly.


Watch video below to practise finding one more and one less.


Now Use the fifty number grid to complete these.


One more than 36 is_

One less than 47 is_

One more than 36 is_

One less than 41 is _


Now answer these



36 is one more than _

49 is one more than _

33 is one less than _

24 is one less than_



Video - below


Fifty Grid – in resources below


WALT use our imaginations

  1. Enjoy Mrs Walden reading the story ‘Tiddler’.
  2. Then have a look at the poem ‘Excuses’
  3. Have a go at making up with some different excuses that Tiddler could make up to explain why he is always late.
  4. Write down one of your favourite excuses that you came up with.

Start it with

 Sorry I was late because…………

You can draw a picture to show Tiddler’s excuse in his imagination too.


Excuses – found in the resources below.


WALA e as in she

Today we will learn about the letter e making long and short sounds. A short sound e as in egg and long sound  e as in she.

Watch the video link and join in with the phonics lesson.


Then play Phonics play acorn adventures choosing the letter e


Video link.




Phonics play

username: jan21

password: home



Find a cosy place and have your very own OTTER time with a book you love.


Topic - Geography

Wala: the Great Wall of China

In Today’s Zoom we are going to share a Powerpoint about the Great wall of China. We will use it to answer some questions. If you want you could find the answers yourself by using to internet to search. Or here is a video with lots of information.

How old is the wall?

How long did it take to build?

Who built it?

How long is the wall?

Why was it built?

What is it made from?

Why is the top of the wall so wide?

How many people visit each year?

After the zoom call, have a go at some of the activity cards about using Lego to build your own type of wall.

Or if you prefer you could draw the Great wall and add some facts that you have learnt about it.


PowerPoint- Found in the resources below if you want to recap any information after the zoom call.











Activity cards – found in the resources below.


Tasks as word document

Maths Video

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

English resources