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We are going to start our Science topic work today, which as we know is 'Beneath Our Skin'.  


In our body, we have bones, muscles and organs.  There are 206 bones, 78 major organs and over 650 muscles which all help to make our body work properly.  Many of the bones and muscles do not only have English names, but also names in another language that we mentioned a lot when we did our work on the Romans.


Your first tasks are: 

What do you think the other language is?

Name as many bones, muscles and organs as you can without looking!


Today's lesson is a little about research and also about what they do to make sure we stay alive.  First of all, please watch the clips on the following link: At the bottom of the clips there is a little quiz that you can complete to see if you have understood the information.


Below is a powerpoint to watch called 'Bones and Muscles'.  After going through this, look at the two worksheets, both of which have gaps to fill in.  The words / numbers needed are in boxes at the bottom of the sheets.


If you are unable to / would rather not print the sheets, please feel free to write the answers in your book.