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WALA houses and settlements in Anglo-Saxon times.    

Today we are looking at the houses and settlements in Anglo-Saxon times.  Watch the clip from BBC:  A tour around an Anglo-Saxon settlement - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize

Last week you were asked to design your Anglo-Saxon village and some of you did really well. 

I found it fascinating that they built their houses out of wattle and daub.  Daub is a sticky substance that they mixed with straw/hay (it was sometimes mud and maybe some manure).  I know some of you are still finishing your work from last week (I did say it might take 2 days so you could carry it over to this week).  So I thought what could the others do? 

Your task (if you have completed your wanted poster and designed and labelled your village) is: 

You need to make an anglo-saxon house.  You can use anything – lego, blocks, baking (there’s a challenge) or even use sticks and mud/clay.  When you have made it you can make a short video explaining what you used (what they represent) and discuss the features you have included.   .