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Today starts the beginning of our topic on Anglo-Saxons.  This period in history followed the Romans, which we studied last term and started around 410 AD.


We will be starting with who the Anglo-Saxons were and from where they came.  We know from where the Romans travelled and the countries they invaded however we will find the Anglo-Saxons travelled from a different part of Europe.  


You can watch these 2 Horrible Histories clips which give a little bit of a manic and funny explanation as to the Anglo-Saxon period: and


Once you have watched the clips, look through the powerpoint found in Resources.  Look at their journey in Slide 3 and think about how they may have travelled?  Also think about why they came to Britain as well as how many must have travelled to be able to fight battles.


Your task is on the final slide of the powerpoint; it is to create a passport for yourself, as an Anglo-Saxon.  In English this week, we are working on using capital letters and full stops accurately so please write in full sentences and use capital letters and full stops.  If you want to make up an Anglo-Saxon name, please do it!