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Today's lesson links to the Science and PE lessons from earlier this week and is about the circulatory system. This is about the heart and how blood moves around the body.


For this lesson, we will have a zoom lesson on Thursday to talk about the subject and go through parts of the powerpoint in the Resource section, so you do not have to do anything yet.  Our lesson will discuss what we would discuss in class and then the task will be explained.


We will also watch the following BBC clips during the lesson: and


The task is in the Resources twice because it is in different formats.  Please choose the one that's easiest.  it is to fill in the blanks on the circulatory system.  There are 2 challenges, the first has the first letter of the word required to complete the gap and the second does not.  Please choose whichever one is most appropriate.


You may also enjoy watching these links and they may also help you to complete the task: – watch from 1 min 32 secs up to 4 mins 58 secs – watch from 2 mins 27 secs up to 6 mins 33 secs


FYI, blood is not actually blue at any point in the human body, even though it looks this way in our veins.