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WALT use different utensils.

In order to make/bake things we need to make sure we know what utensils we have to use and can we use them carefully. 

A lot of untensil are sharp and dangerous and your parents won’t let you use them on your own. 

This week I would like you to use various utensils to make sure you know what they are used for and how to use them carefully.  This might be a great time to help your mum prepare your dinner.  You could peel potatoes or carrots, you could chop things (using a small sharp knife) or you could slice things with a bigger sharp knife.  If you are going to bake something, do you know how to use the mixer?  Do you know how to put the oven on? 

Remember before you do any handling of food you have to make sure your surfaces are clean and your hands are clean.  This is called hygiene. 

Once you have practised all these skills (helped mum/dad cook dinner/bake) you need to design a poster.  Your poster is to promote food hygiene and also how to use certain kitchen utensils. 

Remember you poster needs to include:  pictures, labels, captions, a big eye-catching title.


WALA our hopes and dreams. 

Start today by watching the youtube clip.

Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream (Ready Read Alouds) CHILDREN'S BOOK - YouTube  This story is true about a famous basketball player called Michael Jordan.  Talk with someone in your house (or if you are at school chat with one of the adults).  What really made Michael’s dream come true.  Remember in class we often say “The harder we work the harder we play.” Or “The harder we work the luckier we become.”.  Was this the case for Michael?  Remember it is often out of hard work and perseverance that allows us to achieve our dreams.  There are no ‘quick fixes’.  Michael showed a lot of resilience (our tortoise).  When you are working towards something you have to be positive especially when it comes to resilience. You know you are going to ‘fall over’, you just need to be positive in how your react.  We get up, dust ourselves off and try again.  We all have hopes and dreams.  I always wanted to be a teacher.  It was only through a lot of hard work that I became one.  What dreams or hopes do you have for the future?  How realistic are these dreams?  How does it feel to have a dream for the future? If someone is resilient what does that mean?

TASK:  On a balloon shape write your own hope/dream and how it makes you feel.

Remember when you have hopes and dreams they need to be realistic (I can’t dream to become queen) but never forget “If someone says you can’t do something, you are in control, either prove them right or wrong.).