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Topic and Foundation WC Tuesday 5th January 2021 - Friday 8th January 2021


Task 1 Topic introduction:


WALT: Identify what we know and what we want to find out about the Egyptians  


  • Open the Egyptians knowledge sheet.
  • Read through the headings and consider anything you already know about any of these subjects.
  • Record any information you already have in your brain in the boxes. This could be pictures, sentences or bullet pointed lists. 
  • Now open the PowerPoint and look through the images for each category. See if this helps you access anything else you may have stored in your brain. Add these ideas in a different colour. 
  • Finally think of something you would like to know about each of these areas and record a question in each box in a different colour. 



Task 2 Science: 


WALA: How shape of an object affect its movement in water. 


Work though the PowerPoint on water resistance and upthrust.  


When you get to slide 9 and 10 (mini experiment) do this if you have some plasticine, playdough or blue-tac at home. If you don’t have these then watch the experiment on the video link below. 

Record a prediction before you do or watch it then write a conclusion explain why (see slide 11) 


Continue with the slide show. At slide 14 (plasticine challenge) if you have the equipment try to make a shape that will float, test it then draw it. If you do not have the equipment draw a shape you think would float.  


Write a sentence under you drawing explaining why it floats. Use the word gravity and upthrust. 

Task 3 Geography:


WALT: Locate Egypt on a world map. Find the physical and human features of  Egypt  


Use Google maps to find Egypt and find which countries and seas are on its borders.  

Open the PowerPoint and read through it as a slideshow to find out about some of the physical (natural) and human (man-made) geographical features of Egypt.   


Challenge 1: Make a table with two columns and list the human (in one column) and physical (in the other column) features of Egypt that you found out about in the PowerPoint. 


Challenge 2: Complete challenge 1 then add 3 things to each column that you find on Google maps.

Task 4 PE: 


WALT: Stay well through exercise 


Have a go at this yoga lesson!