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WALA: Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms


Today we will be continuing our work on the Anglo-Saxons.  Last week, we discussed who the Anglo-Saxons were and where they came from.  Whilst going through this, we found out a lot of information such as:


1. What countries they came from and when they arrived.

2. How they travelled and where they first landed.

3. What the name of the 3 tribes who invaded were.

4. The jobs and skills they had.

5. Who they took over from and when that happened.


Can you remember the answer to these questions?


This week, we will be looking at the 'Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms'.  Kingdoms are areas that the Anglo-Saxons made, in the same way we have counties and areas of the country.


There is a powerpoint to look through, with the last slide asking you to locate where the Kingdoms were.  Please don't print this off, as the activity in Resources have a better and differentiated activity for you to use.  The slide in the powerpoint is designed to ensure the powerpoint has been understood.


In the activity, please choose which one you would like to try - you will see they have 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars.


Finally, here is a link to a song about the Kingdoms.  It's a little silly, and too catchy as it is still in my head, but it may help you remember some details.  It does have errors in it so when you listen to it, can you find the errors? Watch this after you have looked through the powerpoint and see if you can remember the chorus at the end! The link is: