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Tuesday 23rd February (Mardi 23 février) – French  


WALA: the months and seasons of the year (les mois et les saisons de l’année)


Today were going to learn the months of the year and which seasons they belong to.


 Begin by learning the 4 seasons using this clip


Make sure you learn them by ecoutez (listen) & repitez (repeat)


Look at the months document in resources. Copy them out neatly and learn the pronunciations using this teaching clip. You may want to sing along to this song as well 😊.


Hopefully you can remember the vocabulary about the weather from the previous lesson. To help you there is a Power point/PDF to be found in the resources with the vocabulary to help you. Now you are going to put all of this knowledge together to hold a conversation (in French of course!).




Think of a friend or a member of your family. Find out when their birthday is. For example, if their birthday was in July this is how the dialogue would look


You: Quand est votre anniversaire? (When is your birthday?)


Reply: Été, juillet, il pleut normalement (summer, July, it is normally raining). Find some different friends and family members and ask them when their birthday is and get them to ask you so you can practise your reply


Extra challenge: Try at least 10 different people and write all of the vocabulary down (in French of course!)


Practise asking other friends and family (you may have to give them the answer unless they speak French, or get them to ask you!). On our Zoom on Friday 25th we would like you to ask your friends when their birthday is and to be able to reply in French (we can do some written and some spoken). Remember, to help with your pronunciation Google Translate is always useful


Au revoir et avoir une grande jour née!