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WALT compare village life in Anglo-Saxon times to now. 

Start today by working through the powerpoint.  Stop on slide 6.  Complete Task 1:  Research a job in anglo-saxon times.  Once you have researched that job create a poster to encourage people to apply for the job. 

Continue working through the powerpoint.

The last slide has your another task you need to do.  (Using all the information you have learnt about what an Anglo-Saxon village was like can you now design and draw your own village?

You should try to include as many features as you can to make sure your village is busy and thriving!

You will also need to write labels to annotate all the features of your village and show you understand what it was like to live there.)

Your final task for today:  Compare what Anglo-Saxon times with today.

You can either compare the homes, a particular job or the village.  Draw a line down the middle of your page and label one side similarities and the other differences.  Then create a list. 


There is a lot of work this week so if you think you need to do this over 2 days then please do.