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the religious beliefs and  practices of the early Anglo-Saxon people and I know and can describe some of the gods they worshipped.

Before you start today’s lesson you need to understand the term PAGAN.  A Pagan is someone who does not believe in God and believes in more than one god. 


Look at the powerpoint in resources.  Here you will learn about some of the Anglo-Saxon gods and their festivals.  There is a quiz (also in resources) that you will need to answer.  Remember you can go back to the powerpoint to help you answer them. 



Once you have looked at the powerpoint and answered the quiz you can design your own god.

There is a resource to help give you clues about your god that you are designing.  Think about how you are going to present your information (are you going to create a poster with the god’s name in the middle and the information around it – like a spider diagram?).

If you would like you could try and make a mask of your god using a paper plate.