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WALT animals, including humans, need the right types of nutrition by examining food groups and nutrient groups.

WALT animas (including humans cannot make their own food).

Have  quick discussion about what a healthy diet is.  Can they remember the types of food they need to eat. Watch the youtube clip for a quick reminder of the 5 basic food groups (The 5 Fabulous Food Groups - YouTube )

Why do we need food?  Look at the first slide on the ppt.  Did you have the right reasons?  Plants make their own food, do you know how?  (Photosynthesis).  What would happen if we (as animals) tried to make food using this process (only drinking water, breathing and standing in the sun).  Continue throught ppt and stop at slide 8.

TASK 1:  I would like you draw 3 plates.  One for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner.  Now I would like you to design 3 meals that include foods from the 5 basic food groups.  Remember they need to be different (you can’t have the same thing dinner that you ate for lunch)


Go back to the ppt.  Look at nutrients and what they are.  Look at different types of food and what nutriet they provide us.  Within each food group there are many foods that contain more than one type of nutrient. 

TASK 2:  Look at your 3 meals, can you identify the nutrients that you will get from each of your meals?  Label the nutrients in your meals.