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WAL how ingredients are grown, harvested and processed/ 

This week we are going to be linking our DT with computers.  Last week you looked at the nutritional value of different health bars.  This week we need to know where the ingredients come from.  We can make our own health bars and use rolled oats, or dried fruit.  But how did the ingredients get to the stores?

Your task for today is to choose an ingredient (Oats, raisins, mango, honey, peanut butter to name a few). 

I need to know how it is grown (even where it is grown-where does it come from?  Is it grown in another country and imported?).  How do they harvest the crop?  Then finally how the harvested crop is processed? 

When you have done your research you can present it in either a flow diagram (labelled pictures showing the process), a short paragraph with illustrations or as a leaflet.  You can choose.