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WALT control our body and manage our skills. 

 Postman Feet                                         

WHAT YOU NEED:  3 pairs of socks and a bowl or target to aim for.

How to play: 

Lay down on the floor and place the bowl (target) just above the head (about 20 cm away) and the socks by your feet.


Start by using your feet to lift a pair of socks and, rolling on your back, place them into the bowl which is above your head.


Time how long it takes you to get all three pairs of socks into the bowl.


Any socks that miss can be replaced at the starting position (by your feet).


Skill Tip:  Place your arms out to the side on the floor as you are lifting the socks over your head, to create a wide base. They help you to balance and become more accurate. 


What is your quickest time to lift and drop all of the socks into the target today? Try again another day and see if you can get better over the week.


1.  Where can you position the socks and the bowl (target) so that you are lifting your legs across your body? 

2.  Can you move the target area further away from your head, so that you will need to aim and throw the socks into the target?


Space – Make the target area bigger or smaller. Change the level of the target, have it on a table or a chair.  Move the target further away.

Task – Use different parts of your feet (For example: use only your heels).

Equipment – Change the socks for different sized objects. Use a range of soft toys, a balloon or a towel (which you need to fold in mid-air using your feet, to fit into the target). But make sure these are soft and safe in case you drop them.

People – Play against someone in your family.