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Create a circuit for circuit training. 



During Lockdown it is difficult to go to the park and run around like you would normally do but it is important to maintain that healthy life style.  We need to try and keep fit.  Today I would like you to try and create a circuit.  This could be for you or your whole family to use.  You are going to want to different points that will target different parts.  Some of the different exercises you could use are listed below.

Squats, burpees, star jumps, push ups, sit ups, plank, arm circles and don’t forget your rest point/s (depending on how many points you have).

Your task today is to draw your circuit and then to try it out.  Don’t forget to post it on Class Dojo (you never know one of the adults might give it a go). 



Don’t forget to think about how many minutes you are going to spend at each point (it has to be realistic).

Have fun.