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Monday 11th January 2021 


Walt: Place the Ancient Egyptians on a timeline of other ancient civilisations & British history.




Ancient Egypt is an example of an Early Civilisation. What do you think we mean by this phrase? Look up the meaning of civilization here civilization - Dictionary Definition :


So the ancient Egyptians were organised, lived in some comfort and thought about art and education. When we study a group of people in history it is important to understand what was happening both in Britain and in other parts of the world at that time. Open the ancient civilisations timeline in the resources. Do you recognise any of these other ancient civilisations? Have you learned about them at school or read about them at home? Notice the days at the top. Locate 0 AD. Watch (1) AD and BC Explained (as well as CE and BCE) - YouTube to remind yourself of what AD and BC mean.  


Look at the timeline again and see if you can spot what was happening in the UK at the end of the ancient Egyptian civilization. It was the Iron Age. You might notice that the blocks that follow this all took place in the UK. Find out, by safely using internet research, what came before the Iron Age in the UK? You may already have an idea from your topics in years 3 and 4.


Task: Take a piece of paper and looking at it landscape fold it in half vertically. Label the left half Britain 2500BC and the right halt 2500AD. Imagine you have travelled 4520 year back in time (in a Tardis or a DeLorean). Draw what you might see in Britain at that time on the left side. Leave the other side blank, but keep it safe because we will fill that in when we know more about the ancient Egyptians.


Dojo a picture of your work to receive feedback.