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WALT: be scientific by using the scientific method.


In Science so far, we have been learning about nutritious, balanced eating as well as muscles, bones and organs. We have linked this to our PE lesson earlier this week, when we were able to create data from exercising by taking our pulse at different times before and after activities lasting for different lengths of time.


We will be using this data next week to help complete our science investigation however before we can do this, we need to understand how a science investigation is written.  To do this, we need to use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD, which is a step by step guide to completing the investigation.


Today's lesson will be going through the stages, completing small activities to ensure understanding, and then complete one of the steps for our investigation next week.


Like many methods, there can sometimes be slight differences in what people think make it up however generally the method includes:

- A question, or observation,

- Research on your question,

- A hypothesis, or prediction,

- Your experiment,

- Your results and finally

- Your conclusion, in which you compare your results and your prediction.


Think about what we did in our PE lesson before watching the following clip: and looking through the powerpoint in Resources, completing the activities on the slides.


After you have done this, think of the hypothesis you would make from our lesson.  As you exercise, what do you think will happen to your heart rate?