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Today's PE lesson is taken from the William de Ferrers SSP website and mixes doing exercise with using your imagination to create a game.  follow the instructions and see what you can come up with!  Have fun!




  • Look around your house and garden and find 5 pieces of ‘equipment’ you can use to create a new game- e.g.
  • a rolled up pair of socks or a soft ball, or table tennis ball, or bean bag
  • a skipping rope or a crack in your pavement
  • a tennis racket or a light frying pan or your hand
  • a basket, a plastic bowl, a plastic cup


Think about how you can create a new activity using those 5 pieces of ‘equipment’. Think about-

  • What you could call it- make it catchy and exciting!
  • How you could score it-keep the numbers 1-10 so we can add up quickly
  • How could you make the game more challenging? E.g.
    • Stand further away,
    • use a different throwing technique,
    • making the target smaller,
    • using your other hand,
    • closing one eye,
    • setting yourself a time limit (pressure) and trying to achieve a number by then
    • doing it at the same time as someone else
    • doing it faster…..


For example, stand 4m away from a linen basket and aim your rolled up socks into it. Once successful 3 times, take one step backwards- can you still get 3/3? Then close one eye and try again.

  • Can you draw these pieces of equipment for you and you colour them in?
  • Can you video yourself and send to me?