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Monday 25th January - History: 


WALA: the wealthy and powerful Ancient Egyptians 



Ancient Egypt was divided up into the rich and powerful and the poorer slaves and workers. Next week we will look at the poor Egyptians, but this week we are concentrating on the wealthy and powerful Egyptians.  


Firstly, look through the Pharaoh presentation. These were the richest and most powerful off all the Egyptians. As you look through the information ask yourself the following questions. 


  • Why were the Pharaoh’s worshipped so much? 


  • What do you think their lives were like? 


  • Who else would have been rich and powerful in Ancient Egypt? 

Have a read of this web page 

The priests were also considered to be powerful and wealthy and it was an excellent job to have. Under the Pharaohs the priests were the next powerful. 


Finally have a read through the text about the life of a nobleman in Ancient Egypt. This would have been someone who was rich and powerful  


Most Egyptians inherited from their parents their jobs and their roles in life, so if you parents were poor farmers you would be as well. Equally, the children of nobleman would also be wealthy 




Challenge 1 Write out a fact file for two of the Pharaohs and compare and contrast them (e.g. were they the same ages when they come to power, were they in different dynasties of Ancient Egypt). You can sketch the Pharaohs as well.  


Challenge 2 Watch this video and storyboard a day in the life of a priest in Ancient Egypt.  


Challenge 3 Where do you think the rich and powerful Egyptians got their money from? See if you can make a list of why they were so wealthy? Do you think it was right that people in Ancient Egypt were either very rich or very poor?  


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