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Thursday 28th January – Computing  


WALA: Computer graphics and bitmap images 


Today you are going to investigate different types of computer graphics. In particular you will look at bitmap images. All of the images that you see on your computer or laptop are made up of tiny colours called pixels. First of all, follow the link below that explains all about computer graphics. Make some notes whilst you are reading the page 


So now you know about pixels how are images built up then. Watch this video to discover how computer graphics are constructed. This will tell you all about bitmap graphics:  




Using Microsoft Word (or Open Office Word) make yourself a table as shown in the powerpoint/PDF. You can then colour in each area (pixel|) to construct one of the images at the end of the powerpoint. This is how computer graphics are constructed step by step. Remember you can highlight more than one cell at a time. There is also a video to watch to talk you through constructing a table and colouring the cells. 


Challenge 1 – Use one of the three images and try to recreate (copy) it using ‘bitmaps’ 


Challenge 2 – Choose your own Egyptian image 


Challenge 3 – Can you make the cells smaller to add more pixels and greater detail (you can change the cell size in table properties).  


Plenary – take the quiz for a self-assessment.   

Lesson Resources

Computer Graphics.mp4

Still image for this video