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Friday 27th January – Science 


WALA: helpful levers and how they work  




We now know that the Ancient Egyptians heavily relied upon the River Nile. Watch this video which explains how a device called a Shaduf helped the Egyptians take water from the River Nile.  




The PDF shows you step by step how to make your own Shaduf. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any dowels as you could collect thick twigs to use or some different pencils. Collect what you need and make the Shaduf  


Challenge 1- Make the Shaduf and see if it works   


Challenge 2 – Sketch the Shaduf and label using the following vocabulary.  


Shaduf, lever, fulcrum, resistance arm, effort arm 


Challenge 3 Can you successfully take water from one container (the river) to another container without spilling anything? How much water (capacity) can your Shaduf manage to transport?  


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