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Watch this clip about the daily lives of ancient Egyptians:

History KS2: Daily life in Ancient Egypt - BBC Teach

 Draw a line vertically down your page and on one side list differences between ancient Egyptian life and modern life and on the other side list the differences. Fill this in as you watch the above clip.


Follow this link Egypt's Golden Empire . Special Features | PBS and click on "A Day in the Life." Choose one of the types of people from the menu at the top (Pharaoh, Nobleman, Soldier, Priest, Craftsman, Woman, Farmer) and read about a day in their life. 


Task: Write a diary entry for your chosen person. Look at the features of a diary in the resources and include as many as you can. Try to refer to as many details from what you read and the video you watched as you can (eg: hieroglyphics, using grain as money, what they ate)


Assess: Highlight or underline (neatly) anything in your diary that is also on your list of differences you made at the start of the lesson.