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WALT: write a science investigation


Since the start of term, we have been learning about the body and how the heart works through the circulatory system.  If you remember, we did a PE zoom lesson to create some data and many of you monitored your own heart rate.  In last week's lesson, you learned about the Scientific Method which broke down how a science investigation is conducted. 


In this lesson, you will be using that information and putting it into a science investigation.  


Can you remember the words that were part of the Scientific Method? (Remember you made up a mnemonic / anacronym).  I have put them below but try to remember them first:


Sometimes these words can be called something different by other scientists although the method will follow the same path.


O - Observation

Q - Question

H - Hypothesis

P - Prediction

T - Test

A - Analyse

S - Scientific Law


In the investigation template found in Resources, the headings are slightly different, so I will explain what you need to do in each of the sections.


The investigation starts with 'What you are investigating'.  This is the same as 'Observation'.  You need to complete this section with: 'I am investigating whether exercise makes your heart rate increase'.  This could be written as a 'Question' as well.  How could you write this as a question?


The second section on the template is 'Equipment'.  This part is for you to write down all of the equipment you used whilst we did the test.  Think about our experiment.  What equipment did you need to complete the test?  Think of everything including how you were able to hear and see me.


'Hypothesis' and 'Prediction' mean the same thing although hypothesis is more of a scientific term.  This section is for you to put what you thought, before the experiment, what would happen.  Did you think that your heart rate would go up if you did more exercise?  Or did you think it would stay the same?  Or did you think it would go down?  Write down the hypothesis you made before the experiment.  Then explain your reasons for your prediction.


'Method' is another word for 'Test' or actually doing your experiment.  In this section, write down what we did in our experiment.  Can you remember the activities we did?  How many times did we do them?  How long did we do them for?  All of this information needs to be added to your 'Method'.


In the 'Results' section you need to just put your data.  This will from the sheets you have sent me and used to record the data from your exercising.


Finally, in the 'Reflection' section, this is a mix of 'Analyse' and 'Scientific Law'.  Here, you write 3 or 4 sentences discussing your 'Results' and comparing them to your 'Prediction'. 


Just try your best and fill in as much as you can with the information you have collated.


Good Luck!