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WALA runes and what they are. 

 Last week, during English, we learned about the importance of communicating and the various ways we communicate.  How did they communicate during the Anglo-Saxon times (other than by verbally)? 

If archeologists were digging up and found a plank of wood or a rock with some carvings on it, I wonder what they thought?  Have look at the powerpoint (in resources).  Here you will find the cryptic writing also known as Runes.  This is the way the Anglo-Saxons wrote.  While going through the presentation you will see that some authors use this writing in the books (maybe to make them more mysterious).  Slide 12 of the powerpoint has a few tasks for you to try.  If you write a message see if you can make the paper look old by scrunching it up and dabbing a wet teabag on it.  You could ask an adult to help you burn the edges if you like.  Remember have fun but STAY SAFE.