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WALA muscles and their functions.

How many muscles do we have?  Can you name some of them?  Why do we have muscles?  What if we didn’t have any? 

Muscles are something we take for granted.  Did you know you have muscles in your jaw?  If we didn’t, we would struggle to eat and talk. 

Have a look at the powerpoint in the resources section.  Here you will learn what makes up a muscle and how it works.  When you have done that then answer the worksheet in the resources section.  You do not have to print the sheet off as it is easy to draw the table and answer the questions.  Remember some of your actions might use more than one muscle.

When you have done that have a go at drawing the arm with the muscles and label it to show which muscles contract and which relax when picking something up.  Remember your muscles work even when you are not lifting anything heavy.  What muscles would you use if you were playing tennis?  Think of all the things you do while playing.