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WALA the 10 commandments. 

So far we have learned that Moses helped his people escape slavery in Egypt.  We have learned what Passover is and why it is celebrated.  So what happened next?

Have look at the powerpoint in the resources.  Here you will learn what happened to the Israelites and Moses.  How Moses received the 10 commandments and what they are.  Your task is at the end of the Powerpoint. 


WALT design a health bar.

So far this term you have looked at the ingredients of a health bar, you have found out how some of them are harvested and processed and you have found all the nutritional values of the health bar.  I am sure a lot of you are wondering when do we get to eat?  Soon J 

This week you are going to be designing your health bar.  You have to think about what needs to go into the bar (it has to be healthy remember).  I also have to think about the things I enjoy eating (because I need to eat it). 

When you design your health bar think about the ingredients (hopefully your parents can get them for you so next week you could make them). 

My health bar might have:  Oats, some dried fruit (cranberries because they are full of antioxidants, raisins because they are sweet), some honey and then I might want to drizzle chocolate over them (because I am allowed some in moderation).  Think about how you will make it (does it need to be baked?). 

When you have planned all of this see if you can present your recipe either on word or as a challenge create a powerpoint. 

Remember to have fun and don’t go too mad because hopefully your parents will be able to get the ingredients for you to make your health bar.